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  • Analysis over videos

    In regards to the video “Go Back to Your Country”, if the white lady had verbally attacked the Latina, then it could have easily been dealt with, but if she was disrespecting her by telling her to go back to Mexico, I do think she well deserved the slap, as white people shouldn’t feel so comfortable saying such things. Just by seeing that she was Hispanic, the white person felt so empowered to tell her to “go back to Mexico.”. If I was in the Lady Rodriguez position, I would’ve reacted the same. If someone is disrespecting me verbally, I can respond back; however, when I am being touched, it is only right to defend myself, especially if being disrespected. 

    The situation in the video, “El Paso Strong”, is so dark. Watching this video brings me so much anger just because white people think violence and the death of innocent people is the answer to their problems. In a matter of seconds, innocent lives were taken away just because of their identity. To me, it is so cruel that someone can find such pleasure and satisfaction in harming and taking the lives of other people just because they are Hispanic. Realizing that racism and hatred towards Hispanics still exist in this country is terrifying. As a Hispanic, it is unfortunate to realize that you are a target in your daily life. The thought that there are cruel individuals in our world who would like to harm others terrifies me. It breaks my heart to watch this video because any of us Hispanics could’ve been killed if we were just out running an errand. Our world needs to educate everyone that violence does not solve anything, it just causes harm to families and communities. 

    Trump’s tweet on the Taco Bowl just makes me laugh about what a hypocrite he is. In this tweet he states, “I love Mexicans”, but throughout his presidency he would talk down on hispanics, would make racist remarks, and would insult Mexicans by saying that “they aren’t our friends, they are criminals”. As a result of all the hatred he displayed during his presidency, one can see racism returning to the United States. Those who were white felt that it was okay to be racist since the leader of the United States clearly showed hatred for immigrants. It is evident that Donald Trump has been a problematic leader who has portrayed hatred, violence, and injustice as something that our world needs to avoid. There has been enough violence and hatred already. In order to make it even worse, whites were made to believe that it was OK for whites to dominate. In my opinion, White people’s tolerance of attacks and slurs directed at Hispanics is attributed to Donald Trump.

  • Latinos and their political views

    A statistic I learned about Latinos and their political views while reading “Key takeaways about Latino voters in the 2018 midterm election” was that 29 million Latinos are eligible to vote. According to the available data, in the U.S. congressional races in 2018, Latinos voted for Democrats more often than Republicans. This data gives us a sense of the party affiliation of Latinos. Furthermore, Hispanic women voted more often for Democrats than Hispanic men, with 73% of women voting for Democrats and 63% of men voting for Democrats. After reading this article, I was surprised to learn that women vote with a higher percentage than men, as I thought men would. Another interesting statistic while analyzing, ” Mapping the 2020 Latino electorate” is how the map illustrates how 32 million Latinos are eligible to vote in the 2020 presidential elections. The data illustrates that the 2020 election will mark the first time that Hispanics will be the largest racial or ethnic minority. Both California and Texas have the largest percentage of immigrants who are eligible to vote. This was interesting to me because it illustrates how U.S citizens 18 and older have played a major role in the vote 2020 and immigrants count for 13.3% of voters. In conclusion the information that both articles provide is very interesting to me because it shows that the numbers of immigrants eligible to vote are increasing steadily over time, and that there is a huge difference between the percentages of democratic and republican voters within genders.  

  • To Be a Mexican in Texas

    The poem that I found interesting was “To Be a Mexican in Texas” by Zachary Caballero. The lines that stood out to me were when he mentioned, “English may have been the first sea to flower but Spanish is still the soil languages like love it’s a lesson you never stop learning from, so those of you who say I’m more Mexican than you, I wish I could believe you.” This line stood out to me because it is such a powerful phrase that the poet emphasizes as being Mexican in Texas. As Mexican-American raised in a Mexican household, Spanish was always the dominant language spoken at home. Being a first-generation American has not deprived me of my culture; rather, it has given me a different perspective on what it means to be Mexican. Being Mexican and American is a blessing, and I have come a long way. It is not easy to balance them both, but culture is something learned, and I have learned to embrace both cultures equally in a way that works for me. Although I am constantly learning about what it means to be an American and what it means to be Mexican, I would never want to deny myself one of my cultures because the combination of both cultures makes me who I am today.

  • Gloria Anzaldua & Snow the Product

    One interesting from reading, “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” by Gloria Anzaldua was when she mentioned, “. We are robbed of our female being by the masculine plural. Language is a male discourse,” this line stood out to me because she illustrates that even her own language signals discrimination due to her very status as a woman. Also, she discusses same-race discrimination, when she spoke Chicano Spanish, she was accused by many other Latinos, she was accused by Chicanos whenever she spoke standard Spanish, and both Chicanos and Latinos were accused when she spoke English. She did not have a safe haven everywhere she went and whatever language she spoke. These points stood out to me because she points out important points about discrimination that many Chicanos’ face when they do not speak proper Spanish and this is an issue that needs to be spoken about, to make everyone feel like they can express themselves without feeling judged. Furthermore, I found the rap song, “Snow Tha Product- Bilingue” interesting because she raps about her celebration to her multicultural identity, this stood out to me because I can relate to the song as well as the artist because growing up in the United States and having Mexican parents, both Spanish and English influences my identity as a Mexican American and being Bilingue plays a huge role in my daily life. 

  • Different labels used for Latinos

    As time has gone by the different labels used for Latinos have changed, the term Latinx has emerged in recent years which is a gender-neutral term. Being Hispanic, my thoughts about all these different terms used for Latinos is interesting, as growing up in a Hispanic household I have never heard some of the terms used whether it is writing it or speaking it such as Latin@ and LatinX. As I started to go to Mexico, I was introduced to the labels, La Raza, Paisa, and Tejano. These labels used to make me feel a sense of connection with the rest of the Hispanics who I did not know but was aware that we are similar with one another whether is where we live, where we are from, or if we are Mexicans. As a Latina, I prefer to label myself as Mexican. The reason I prefer to label myself as Mexican is that both my parents are from Mexico, and all my life I have been exposed to people who introduce themselves as Mexican and since then it just has stuck with me. Overall, I believe that only some labels should only be acceptable when people label themselves, and other labels such as LatinX, it is only right when it is written because pronouncing the word it is different from how it is supposed to be pronounced in Spanish, but it is an important term when it is written because it is a gender-neutral term.

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